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 Komrathe (Castellum III)

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PostSubject: Komrathe (Castellum III)   Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:11 am

Planetary Information

Location: Castellum System, third planet.

Type: Forge World

Atm. Pressure: 1.23 atm

Surface Temp: Average temperature ranges from -23 Celcius at the poles to 43 Celcius at the equator.

Surface Gravity: 1.21 g

Mass: 6.632 x1024kg

Satellites: Raghal

Colony Information

Species: Human

Owned by: Contested - Imperial and Chaos

Founded: 805.M41

Population: 2,000,000,000

Capital: Manufactorium Complex KG-001 (Grenferra), Manufactorium Complex KF-666 (Ferratrix)

Locations of Interest: MC KG-001, MC KF-666, WT KF-032, ___________

Standing Military Forces: 25,000,000 (split between Chaos and Imperials)

Defences: Assorted

History: ____________

Komrathe is a moderate-sized planet, populated by three major landmasses.

The northern polar ice cap is a barren wasteland, frozen over by extreme latitude and the constant cloud cover of the polluted skies. Constituting roughly 14% of the planet's water locked in the ice, it's massive bulk is sparsely populated with ice mining operations to dig under the layers of polluted snow and ice on top to get to the clean and relatively pure ice below. Raids on the mining operations are a common occurrence as Chaos and Imperial forces seek to disrupt each other and expand their own operations.

The remaining land bodies are the twin continents of Ferratrix to the west and Grenferra to the east of the planet's prime meridian, respectively. Both, roughly equivalent in size to Terra's Eurasia, they are connected by a narrow isthmus built not long after the planet was designated a Forge World to connect the two continents across the prime meridian. With Ferratrix controlled by the Chaos insurgency and Grenferra controlled by Imperial forces, the Isthmus of Komrathe is no longer the thoroughfare of productivity connecting the twin continents, but a heavily fortified and entrenched battlezone. Its short length and transportation routes making it the most appealing method of attacking the other continent given the vast distances involved in traversing the highly acidic ocean between the two continents on the reverse side of the planet. Both continents are high in metal deposits, covered in foundry-cities, and blanketed by a nigh-permanent haze of smoke and pollution.
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Komrathe (Castellum III)
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