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 Shaehan Uldran

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PostSubject: Shaehan Uldran   Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:41 am

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Jun 29, 2014 2:39:44 GMT -5 Interfector said:
Name: Shaehan Uldran

Race: Eldar

Age: 110

Gender: Female

Skin Tone: Pale

Eye Color: Icy Blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 203cm (6'7")

Weight: 83Kg (182 .lbs)



Darker skin in the shape of Eldar Glyph resembling eye on forehead.
Darker skin giving the appearance of lines running from center of button of eye down cheeks, to jaw.

((OOC: I do not own the above image and claim no ownership to it))
Above: Shaehan, wearing casual garments

Physical Description: Tall, lithe and graceful. With Icy Blue almond shaped eyes, with long lashes. Raven Black hair placed into a high tail style. Skin, pale as gleaming snow. Fingers, long and skeletal. Shaehan bares a forehead that's slanted backwards slightly with Darker skin on it, that makes out an elegant glyph with an eye design. High cheek bones marked with similarly coloured skin that give the impression of vertical lines, running down from the base of eyes, down cheek to jaw. While Lithe and graceful, this appearance is deceiving, with extremely low body fat due to an ascetic diet and constant activity, Shaehan is both durable and strong in build, physically powerful. Her ears are sharp and long like knives.

Allegiance: Craftworld Ulthwé

Path: Path of the Warrior

Aspect: Scorpion

Marital Status: Single

Family Status: Mother (Alive), Father (Alive)

Homeworld: Craftworld Ulthwé

Current Residence: Castellium

Occupation: Assassin

Education: Tertiary-level

Personality: Ruthless, near merciless and pragmatic. Shaehan is fiercely independent and has rejected the rigid structure of Craftworld society, while Loyal. She has decided to wander. Away from this strict discipline, Shaehan has started to develop a shorter, and shorter temper. While maintaining the outward composure expected of her. As a bounty hunter, Shaehan is prepared and willing to work with other species, barring the forces of Chaos. So long as she is contemplated amply for services rendered, at heart however. Shaehan's loyalty is to the Eldar and Craftworld Ulthwé, using a sharp cunning to manipulate situations in ways she thinks will ultimately benefit her kin. Shaehan's flaws would certainly be her growing temper, which is stoked by violence and confrontation. And must consciously resist taking satisfaction and pleasure in inflicting pain. Less she begin to start wandering down the path of Damnation. Another flaw is her typical 'arrogance' and confidence. As perceived by other species such as Humans. But this is rather a strong determination and tenacity which appears as stubbornness to her clients. Shaehan's biggest fear, is death. And if at all possible, avoids exposing herself to unnecessarily amounts of danger.


Scorpion Chainsword
Shuriken Pistol (Shaehan's Murehk)


Striking Scorpion Armor

Biography: Shaehan was born on Craftworld Ulthwé to Shyrena, her mother walks the Path of the Warrior, a member of the Striking Scorpion Aspect. Eldron, her father walks the Path of the Seer, a Warlock. An odd mix, Shaehan didn't have the opportunity to see her parents often as a child thanks to the Rigid discipline of the Craftworld while at school. But when the three of them were together, it would be a truly joyous occasion. And would celebrate with her father linking the three of them via his Telepathic powers, allowing them to communicate with each other without so much as opening their mouths. The young Shaehan comes to revere both her parents and involve herself in their lives. Feeling drawn closer to the path of Warrior, Shyrena would educate her daughter in Warfare tactics and tell her stories of battles and cautionary tales revolving around 'she who thirsts'.

As she matures, Shaehan takes on the path of the Artisan, nearing adulthood. Learning how to speak Xenos languages, including the Human's 'High Gothic' and 'Low Gothic' speaking them both with impressive fluency. Shae expanded her experience into musical instruments and for a time walks the path of the Bonesinger. Learning how to shape the Wraithbone, but as in all things. Shae eventually moves on and joins the Black Guardian Army, learning military skills necessary for use should Ulthwé ever be attacked.

And on a couple occasions, Shaehan did receive the opportunity to fight against Chaos within the borders of the Craftworld, for years she did this, fighting against fanatical cultists, Daemons and foul Chaos Marines. Having the misfortune of watching her kin get stuck down, but for an Eldar. The fear of death, was second to one's soul-stone being destroyed. That was a fate Shaehan wished for none of her people, for it was a sentence to eternal suffering, to feed she who thirsts. Shae becomes quite skilled in warfare, a strategist. Of sorts and actually goes on to lead a Black Guardian squad, before deciding that maybe she'd find happiness and feel more of use to the craftworld is she walked the path of the warrior.

At the behest and encouragement of Shyrena, Shaehan joins a Striking Scorpion Aspect Temple. Walking the Path of the Warrior joining the same temple as Shyrena and beginning the training, however. The Temple's life was far more strict and regimented and Shaehan found herself ill-prepared for the change from serving as a Black Guardian to walking the Path of the Warrior. However, Shaehan proves herself to be capable despite this seeming lack of Enthusiasm for the disciplined life of the warrior's path. Nevertheless, Shae becomes quite good at assuming the 'Scorpion's' persona. Using cunning and stealth over brute force, after an exchange with the Exarch, Shae attempts to leave the temple, but is persuaded from doing so by Mother after receiving the blessing of her kin and the guidance of the seer council, Shae is provided with her own ship, at the direction of an Exarch, Shaehan decided that she'd support the Craftworld from abroad while exercising the freedom provided, walking a line somewhere between the warrior and wanderer. She travels to the troubled Castellium Sector wracked by warfare invoked by the ruinous powers. Deciding she'd best contribute to the security of her species by undermining Chaos's presence in this region. Shaehan senses the dark powers within the system, and lands on the Sector's capital, looking to contact the Imperial Governor.
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Shaehan Uldran
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