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 Arch-Heretic Malefius Incubo

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PostSubject: Arch-Heretic Malefius Incubo   Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:44 pm

Name: Malefius Incubo

Race: Human (Cybernetic)

Age: Over 100

Gender: Male

Skin Tone: Corpse-like

Eye Color: Natural eye is golden orange, the prosthetic is a luminous red

Hair Color: None, stylised with various wires.

Height: 7ft5 (due to augmentations

Weight: 60 stone

Build: More machine than man

Scars/Markings: Innumerable mechanical augmentations, mostly 60% mechanical. Has the Star of Chaos Undivided carved into the flesh of the forehead.

Physical Description: Like any typical Adeptus Mechanicus Magos, Malefius has been heavily augmented cybernetically as the Cult Mechanicus decreed. As his body is more metal than flesh, the Fallen Magos adorns himself in the robes of his old station in order to mock his former brethren…alongside the flayed faces of his first victims; as a side effect, it allows him to cut an intimidating appearance whilst still looking somewhat Human. His hands and feet end in metallic claws annd. When one looks at his face, one can see the prosthetic eye and the numerous rebreather implants that are but a part of the vast system that keeps his body alive beyond normal Human limits. Due to his age, Malefius’ flesh is reminiscent of a withered corpse marred with numerous malignant growths kept in check by his augmentations. Hiss natural eye, once blackened with age, now glows a malevolent orange as a result of his newfound favour with the Dark Gods of Chaos.

Allegiance: Chaos, the Ocularis Maleficar warband

Rank: Warband Leader

Class: Heretek Magos/Psyker

Marital Status: Single

Family Status: Deceased, barely remembers

Homeworld: Castellum

Current Residence: Manufactorium Complex KF-666 (Ferratrix)

Occupation: Arch-Heretic

Education: As a former Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Malefius is well-versed in the tech-lore of the Priests of Mars. Due to his old rank, he is also knowledgeable in the affairs of the Magos Biologis as well as particularly fluent in High Gothic and Binary. Having lead Skitarii into battle in the past, Malefius is a skilled commander; possessing several stratagems downloaded into his neural implants combined with his unorthodoxy, none could question his results at first. Having only recently learned of his Psychic abilities, the Arch-Heretic seeks to master his powers; the better to enhance his craft and to smite those who had dared to scorn him in the past.

Personality: Once, like any other Magos,  Malefius was once a cold and indifferent individual yet still maintained a sense of curiosity. It was this aspect that led him into forbidden territory and resulted in his sanctioning and perceived betrayal by his fellow Tech-priests. Feeling something stir within him, this manifested as a psychic burst that vaporised his emotional inhibitors; the first emotion he felt, having not done so for a very long time, was rage. Malefius is a wrathful being, outraged for his exile at the hands of his brethren, feeling that the Omnissiah and his cult’s lies are not worthy of his devotions; now his pieties lie with the Gods of Chaos Undivided. Cruel and sadistic to his enemies and benevolent to those who earn his favour, the Arch-Heretic is determined to enlighten the ignorant; his curiosity has now further grown to more nefarious and darker levels thanks to the discovery of his powers. No longer bound by the emotional inhibitors; a predatory cunning and a primal rage that has been long buried has re-emerged from Malefius’ mind, making him a truly dangerous adversary.

Power Axe
Servo-Harness and six mechadendrites
Various cybernetic implants
Plasma Caliver
Prehensile data-spike
Refractor field
Psychic powers: Telepathy and Daemonology (knowledge is too minimal to use yet.)

Robes of the Arch-Heretic (purely aesthetic)
Mechanicus Power armour

Born on the Hive World of Castellum, Malefius Incubo remembers so very little of his past; only images of children and women remain in that black void. What he does remember is his rise through the ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus becoming more machine than man, delving into many roads of study into the ways of steel and flesh until he finally reached the rank of Magos. Years after reaching such a vaunted rank, Malefius’ curiosity, which neither time nor neuro-implant had robbed from him, took him to places deemed heretical by the Martian Priesthood; replicating Xeno-tech and melding Imperial Tech with the stuff of the Warp deep within the complexes on Komrathe. The Magos didn’t believe that his actions were abhorrent; in truth, he believed that his actions were done in the name of progress for Humanity. What was so wrong with that?
In due time though, the Heretek would be discovered by his fellow Mechanicus adepts, witnessing him experimenting with alien technology. When he was brought to bear before a Mechanicus tribunal, Malefius began to feel something; with each accusation laid before him, this sensation grew, feeling like fire within what remained his age-worn veins and circuitry. Eventually, the feeling manifested into a psionic blast that would fry Malefius’ emotional inhibitors, releasing a monotonous scream of purest rage at what he sees as betrayal for all that he has sacrificed. This blast of mental energies overloaded the implants of his accusers and their bodyguards, allowing the Heretek to escape into the Complexes of Ferratrix, hidden by his supporters amongst the Techpriests and the Skitarii. His emotions newly manifested after so many years of being stifled by much of his implants, Malefius raged; howling at the smog-ridden skies, the Magos’ rage turned to hatred, knowing now that all his efforts in the past had been fruitless. Soon enough, the wave of emotions he felt, magnified by his newly awakened psychic abilities, caught the attention of something on the other side, within the ever-changing mire of the Warp. A voice, revealing itself to be the Undivided Daemon Prince Sar’toqshal, then spoke within the Heretek’s mind, promising him power, revenge and gods who are more than willing to reward his endeavours. All he had to do was create a Cult that would shed blood in the name of the Gods of Chaos. Eager for revenge, Malefius accepted the Daemon Prince’s offer and spread his message to the inhabitants of Ferratrix, already unstable due to the presence of small cults and general dissatisfaction at the lives they led. Driven by passion, the Heretek declared that there was a new life waiting for them and gods that will reward them for their deeds and that the likes of the Emperor or the Omnissiah are not worth sweating over. Thus was the Ocularis Maleficar warband born, an army of cultists and fallen Skitarii, with Malefius crowning himself as Arch-Heretic.

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Arch-Heretic Malefius Incubo
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