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 Ocularis Maleficar (Chaos)

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PostSubject: Ocularis Maleficar (Chaos)   Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:49 pm

Name: The Ocularis Maleficar Cult

Grade: TBA

Founder: Arch-Heretic Malefius Incubo

Current Leader: See Founder

Organizational Structure

High Command

The overall ruler of the Cult, Malefius Incubo is the first and current Arch-Heretic of the Ocularis Maleficar. In essence, he serves as both the Cult’s High Priest and military commander; carrying an authority bestowed upon him by the Gods of Chaos.

Heretek Magi
First to support Malefius in his establishment of the Ocularis Maleficar, the Heretek Magi serve as the overall leaders of the Cult’s cohorts. Once they served as priests of the Omnissiah, now they serve as priests of the Dark Gods; they’ve only just begun delving into the arts of warp-forgery, seeking secrets that will twist the machines.

Fallen Tribunal
Once leaders of the Skitarii, the Fallen Tribunals serve as the leaders of the Cult on the frontlines. Cybernetically-enhanced, they are formidable sights on the battlefield.

Serving the same role as they had done when they were loyal, it is the Heretek-priests who maintain the weapons, equipment and vehicles of the Ocularis Maleficar Cult.

Fallen Skitarii Alphas

Cultist Champions

Cultist Psyker

Fallen Skitarii Rangers and Vanguard


Established after the Arch-Heretic’s escape from the Adeptus, within the three years it has been established, the Ocularis Maleficar has grown to become one of the most powerful Chaos Cults on Komrathe thanks to its founding members once being members of the Adeptus Mechanicus. As a result of this, the Cult has access to Mechanicus technology, alongside the beings that know how to make it. Founded in 996.M41, the Ocularis Maleficar has bided its time, gathering support from the Manufactorum Workers to bolster the comparably limited amount of Skitarii that pledged their loyalty to the Arch-Heretic. Indeed, the populace proved fertile for the seed of rebellion and Heresy to be sown; dissatisfied with being expended like the rounds from a heavy stubber and the domination of other cults, combined with Malefius’ telepathic charisma, a large number of Ferratrix’s inhabitants pledged themselves to the Cult’s cause, hoping to avenge themselves on the Imperium that has so made their lives a misery. Those who were deemed combat able were sent to be trained by the Fallen Skitarii, hidden within the deeper clusters of the Manufactora. In due time, the Arch-Heretic’s envoys sought out other Heretical Cults, making pats and plans with them to infiltrate the halls of Ferratrix’s leaders; when the time came, the first shot of rebellion would be fired.
Soon enough, the time of war would come; on the eve of the rebellion, Malefius gave his own followers a speech, promising that the worthy amongst them who proved themselves would be elevated into the ranks of the Hereteks and the Skitarii, earning further favour in the eyes of the Dark Gods. At midday, the flames of rebellion would be ignited; the Ocularis Maleficar and its fellow Cults would strike from within their assigned positions on the continent. Caught by surprise, the Arbites and the PDF would be overwhelmed by the combined might of the Cults and the Fallen Skitarii. Within two weeks, Ferratrix would find itself under the banner of the Forces of Chaos, with the Ocularis Maleficar at the tip of the spear. Not one to rest on his laurels, the Arch-Heretic has turned his sights towards the rest of Komrathe; and when that is done, the rest of the sector will follow.

Notable Members
Arch Heretic Malefius Incubo
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Ocularis Maleficar (Chaos)
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