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 Our Long War (Concept)

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PostSubject: Our Long War (Concept)   Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:38 pm

In the grim, dark, future, there is only war, only conflict. In the end of the 41st Millennium (999.M41), the loosely Imperial-controlled, obscure, Castellium Sector is under siege. The assault of Chaos upon the glorious Imperium of Mankind has come, in what is being called by some scholars as 'Time of Ending,' for the age of man stands at a precipice and may come crashing down in the coming years bringing the Castellium sector with it under a wave of madness and heresy instigated by the agents of Chaos.

The sparsely-populated Sector has a brief, albeit proud history of military service to the Imperium and dedication to the Emperor of Mankind, but being isolated by severe warp storms, the Imperial Cult has become increasingly weakened in recent years along with their connection to the wider Imperium, with some local Guard Regiments in the sector becoming increasingly critical of the Imperial Cult, prompting additional commissars to be deployed to the sector to remedy this loyalty issue, with some of these 'Inspiring men' becoming 'accidental' casualties in exercises. This proved to only be the beginning of the Sector's issues however. With the Sector's six million strong Imperial Military becoming increasingly strained.

Komrathe would become home to a growing population of Chaos Cults, worshiping the ruinous powers, their presence becoming so overwhelming and widespread that most of the population are evacuated and the planet is declared a 'War World' as the Imperial Guard fight a war of attrition, despite having an obvious technological and organisational edge over their fanatical opponents. To compound the issue, the Local Ork population on Komrathe, normally factitious and put down again and again, over the decades, begin to rise into an organized force under the leadership of a new Warboss. With the Imperial Guard focused exclusively on the Chaos incursion, they are forced to let the Orks capture some fringe depots without reprisal.

To make matters worse, Komrathe's largest moon, 'Raghal' is home to an ancient, inactive webway gate. Which is exploited by the Dark Eldar, who slip out, this Kabal of the Poisoned Blade constructs a small but heavily fortified base on the moon's surface, looking to satiate their thirst for souls in the Imperial Soldiers and what civilians were left behind on Komrathe, further undermining the Imperial's methods. But also the miners of nearby Ragnaros. This strain on the Guard Regiments has brought them near to breaking point, with nearly 80,000 casualties in Total. They are desperate for reinforcements.

The Ork Waaagh, spreads into Ragnaros, where Representatives of 'The Waaagh' rally some of the small, local Ork tribes into a warband. Not large enough to oppose the Imperials directly, as the Waaagh, would still be confined to Komrathe, due to a blockade imposed by the local Imperial Battlefleet. The weakened local Imperial Guard and Planetary Defense Forces oppose the Orks and are met with instant success, pushing them back into mountains like rats. But unable to advance without receiving massive casualties. The Situation on Komrathe however becomes dire, as Castellium's disciplined guard Regiments, slowly begin turning to the Ruinous powers. This development becomes unacceptable to the Imperium, who dispatch, an experienced Death Korps of Krieg Regiment. Who quickly halt the advance of Chaos, it however, is a 'Critical but stable condition'. The Korps's numbers being far too few to turn the tide. But are enough that further ground is not lost and small gains are made.

But no later than they had arrived, Warp Storms begin to open, around the Sector. Making the arrival of further reinforcements or escape, difficult. However, a new development occurs. The Tau Empire sends water caste diplomats to Elessius, creating relationships with the more Pro-Xenos Rogue Trader administration there, being concerned by the threats the conflicts in this sector pose to the “Greater Good” of nearby Tau Space and their small Colony on Ragnaros's moon, 'Sio't', a previously barren moon the Tau have begun terraforming, to make it habitable and strengthen their economic participation in the region through the Rogue Trader Administration on Elessius. Not much later, Fire Caste Cadres land on Ragnaros and begin constructing bases with the Earth Caste, much to the chagrin of an Imperial Guard Light Infantry Regiment who are ordered to attack by their Colonel, the resistance was futile and the Guard were met with volleys of pulse-fire and forced to retreat over the bodies of their slain comrades.

The Tau make incursions to Komrathe from their base on Ragnaros, leaving the Imperial presence on the world at peace, from a military perspective, but bombard the Citizenry with propaganda of the 'Greater Good' soon, some miners don't appear at work. And leave for a chance at a new life under the welcoming arms of the seemingly benevolent Tau. They are often used by the crafty xenos as emissaries towards the more Xenophobic Imperial worlds, such As Castellium.

All this conflict earns the weary attention of the Eldar, specifically, Craftworld Ulthwé, who dispatch observers and Rangers into the Sector in order to ensure things work towards the removal of Chaos from the sector, believing they are responsible for the Warp Storms and fearful that the eldritch activity, might awaken their old foe...The Necrons. For this ancient race sleeps beneath the surface of Castellium, completely unknown to the Imperium. For Castellium is a Tomb World and the site of an ancient battle was fought between the Necrons and Eldar of what became Ulthwé. The Eldar, unable to fully defeat the Necrons of Castellium, who wielded ancient artifacts of immense power belonging to their C’tan gods, were forced to be content with sealing them away in their tombs deep within the surface of the now thriving Hive World.

((OOC: No characters be made who are Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids, Space Marines or Necrons. Any players wishing to play such characters may submit their write up for the character to any admin for approval and constructive criticism. Eventually, we will be looking forward to such races and characters as our battles grow to more epic scales, however, at this time, we have not worked out a system for implementing such characters in a fair and balanced manner.))
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Our Long War (Concept)
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