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 Faction Guidelines

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PostSubject: Faction Guidelines   Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:04 am


  • Organizations and businesses must be approved by a staff member before you may use them in the main roleplaying forums - This is done so that RP on Long War adheres closely to the 40K canon to ensure the best roleplaying experience for everyone on the site!
  • You must have a minimum of 1 post before you may propose a business or organization.
  • Any business or organization that is co-created will be considered the property of the person who starts the thread.
  • All user-created, non-canon organizations must start at grade E or D, depending on the group.
  • As a group creator, you are to choose what grade and title is appropriate for your group and put it on the application for approval. The Staff must agree with the title and grade for it to be approved.
  • We ask that you respect artists by crediting them or providing a link back to the original work.
  • You may edit an organization that you have already had approved, but for significant changes, it will need to be approved again.
  • Posting in another member's unapproved application is strictly prohibited until that application has been approved. But it is advised that you don't post trivial things in their creations anyway, as it just leads to clutter. Advice on creations are welcome, but please keep it to a PM. comments on the application pages should be limited to Staff members performing reviews and the party wanting approval.


  • Each player/person is limited to 2 non-canon orgs/businesses (2 of one, or 1 of each). This is for the same reason given above for characters - If you're going to create something, please put time and effort into it. Seriously putting time and effort into two organizations/businesses is a lot of work as is. This, again, is not unreasonable.
  • For a new non-canon organization or business to be created, you need two characters from two different players/people on board. Organizations and Businesses are a community ordeal. Not just for one person to enjoy, and as such, more than one person should be interested and involved. When creating the org/bus, state who the other characters/players are, and have them vouch on the thread under the main posting.
  • Organizations too akin to one another will be turned down. Join an existing one.


  • Before submitting your group for review, ask yourself if you could see this group existing in Warhammer 40K. If not, or if you're not 100% sure, PM a staff member or post a proof of concept and lay out the rough basics so we can ensure the groundwork is all laid out properly before too much work is done on it.
  • Balance is key when creating a group. For every one of its strengths, an organization should have a weakness of similar value. Every merit begets an equal flaw.
  • The creation of certain canon Warhammer 40K groups is allowed, however these are held to a higher standard and canon applications will be heavily scrutinized.
  • More specific groups that tend to not be addressed much in the Warhammer 40K universe, will not be player controlled. Creation of these groups is prohibited.


  • Organizations are classified by their type, and their rank within that type. The four main types are Corporation, Criminal, Military, and Government, and the ranks are A, B, C, D, and E. The strength of each rank does not carry across categories- a rank C Government will be technically stronger than a Criminal group of any rank. The purpose of the grading system is to put organizations/businesses within tiers to easily determine how an individual group stacks up against others. The system is in place to promote group advancements in power through roleplay, and to prevent a freshly created group from being overly powerful.

GRADE SYSTEM: ((Basics are here, but still a WIP))

Grade A

  • Influential, stable groups with impressive military and/or economic power.
  • Must possess immense territory ranging from multiple star systems to large control of a single location and control over large numbers of forces/assets.
  • Can be used for any small scale personal plots (oversight needed to ensure proper roleplaying of group's forces) without explicit permission, but any larger more substantial plots must have permission from the owner and/or heavily involved parties through a publicly displayed thread. Details can be planned privately, but permission must be visible from the owner in the thread.
  • Have more freedom with expansion and capabilities.
  • New groups cannot be in this grade.
  • Entry into this groups is solely up to the Staff's discretion. The Staff determines if a group is eligible for this grade due to involvement in plots and position in the Long War 'canon'. Cannot be achieved solely through natural progression in plots.

Grade B

  • Stable and influential groups with impressive economic and/or military power, but not both.
    Holds sizable territory and/or controls a sizable number of assets/forces. Permission is needed to attack and/or seize territory or assets/forces.
  • New Groups cannot be in this grade. Advancement to this grade must be roleplayed out.

Grade C

  • Stable and somewhat influential groups with decent economic and/or military power.
  • Do not hold much territory and their forces cannot be attacked or used without permission from the owner.
  • New groups cannot be in this grade. Advancement to this grade must be roleplayed out.

Grade D

  • Holds relatively little power, but is beginning to make a name for itself in the galaxy.
  • They are still trying to climb up in the world and gain power. Their forces and bases cannot be attacked without the owner's permission.
  • They cannot hold much territory nor military or economic power.
  • New groups can start here depending on the group.

Grade E

  • New to the galaxy. This group does not hold any recognized power and is seeking to advance in the world.
  • Their forces and bases cannot be attacked or used without the owner's permission.
  • New groups can start here depending on the group.


This system is reserved for the classification of Warhammer 40K's canon governments and organizations (this does not apply to businesses). Player-created groups are unable to attain them.

  • AAA - Militarized canon factions. Ex: Tau Empire and Imperium of Man.
  • AA - Other Canon factions.
  • A - All other large canon groups. Ex: Eldar Craftworlds, Powerful Dark Eldar Kabal, Chaos Legions


Some creations may rarely be granted exemption from the grading system. These would fall into the Other category, which is reserved for groups with no intention of progression or power. An example of this would be a small hotdog stand on the Earth, which is used very casually in roleplay for 'spice' purposes. The staff may decide at anytime to assign a traditional rank to a group in this category should it be needed.


Here's a sample template for use in creating a group. Using this is not required by any means, but it should give you an idea of what kind of information we want to see.




[b]Current Leader[/b]


[b]Organizational Structure[/b]


[b]Notable Members[/b]
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Faction Guidelines
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