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 Planetary Template

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God-Emperor of Mankind

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PostSubject: Planetary Template   Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:18 am


Planetary Information

Location: (Where is it located? Try to be as specific as possible I.E the system located)

Type: (What kind of is it? Ice World? Jungle World? Garden World?)

Atm. Pressure:

Surface Temp: (What are the extremes or average of surface temperature

Surface Gravity: What's the Gravity located on the Surface?

Mass: (How Heavy is it?)

Satellites: none

Colony Information

Species: (What species occupy the area?)

Owned by: (Who owns the Planet/colony?)

Founded: (When was the Planet/colony founded?)

Population: (Population?)

Capital: (If a Colony, what's it's Capital Called?)

Locations of Interest: (What is interesting on the planet/colony)

Standing Military Forces: (If a military installation, how large is the Garrison force?)

Defences: (Who or what kind of defences does the location have)

History: (History of the planet/colony)

Other information: (any other information?)
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Planetary Template
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