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 Elessius (Castellum V)

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PostSubject: Elessius (Castellum V)   Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:21 am


Planetary Information

Location: Castellium Sector, V planet.

Type:  Paradise World

Atm. Pressure:
One standard atmosphere

Surface Temp: (What are the extremes or average of surface temperature

Surface Gravity: 0.9 G

Mass: Heavy

Satellites: none

Colony Information

Species: Human (97%), Abhuman (1%), Tau (0.9%), Eldar (0.1%), Other (1%)

Denonym: Elessian

Owned by: Rogue Trader Family (Planetary Governors)

Founded: 825.M41

Population: 4,000,000

Capital: Ely'sum

Locations of Interest: Ely'sum, Sanctum Elessius, Hotel Madanach

Standing Military Forces:
Rogue Trader Private Army: 80,000
1st Elessian Stormtroopers Regiment (Equipped with Scion Tempestus Wargear)

Defences: Several Military Installations across the planet's surface
Rogue Trader Flotilla (8 Ships)

Elessius was founded in 825.M41, in relatively recent history. The rights of Colonization were purchased by an affluent Rogue Trader Family. They began construction on the planet's surface and even recruited A Private Army, comprised of Imperial Guard veterans. To form the Planetary Defence Force, equipping them with the finest wargear, out on the Fringes of Imperial space, The community of Elessius would thrive and be a hub from which exotic wares and technology could be collected, sold, or sent back into the Imperium proper for sale.

By 999.M41, the planet had become home to one of the most prosperous communities and economies in all of the Castellium Sector. A playground for the Sector's upper classes, an idyllic retreat in the Imperium of man, with the cities positioned closely on beautiful islands. Unmarred by massive factories and smog, though the planet is home to manufacturing and agriculture to be self-sufficient. In 990.M41, the planet begins to accept the unofficial responsibility as the mediator of the Castellium Sector's diplomatic relations with Xenos species. With the planet being home to a small number of aliens. The Humans of Elessius, more curious, inquisitive and pragmatic about Humanity's relationship with their interstellar neighbors.  

Other information: (any other information?)
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Elessius (Castellum V)
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