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 Castellum - Nearing completion

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PostSubject: Castellum - Nearing completion   Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:22 am

Planetary Information


Type: Hive world

Atm. Pressure: 1 atm.

Surface Temp: The temperature on Castellum has a wide variety to it, ranging from bitter cold at the poles to insufferably warm in the equatorial regions. There are two deserts however, as the majority of the planet is covered in sprawling hive cities, these mean relatively nothing.

Surface Gravity: Terra standard gravity.

Mass: (How Heavy is it?)

Satellites: none

Colony Information

Species: Human, and abhuman subspecies.

Owned by: Adeptus Administratum

Founded: First colonized in M15 during the stellar exodus, it was rediscovered in 500.M31

Population: 8.5 billion

Capital: Arabellum

Locations of Interest: The many hives which dot the hive orld of Castellum have since merged together into one large planet-spanning hive, however, the various regions have retained their original names, places of interest include the Carnivale of Octus hive, where the wealthiest citizens are able to relax and enjoy their many leisure hours watching all sorts of rare acts and performers, as well as gladiatorial combat between convicted criminals, the winner of each bout having earned only the right to live for the following day.

Another point of interest are the slums of Quintus hive, though it is not recommended that many travellers enter this large, densely populated, region without extreme caution, for within, the Arbites of Castellum have struggled for centuries to maintain law and order, and are slowly failing. The gangs of this hive have slowly slipped their fingers into every single facet of business on the planet, and brutal gang wars can often be heard raging in this sector. This is however, a place of note, for within sits the Cathedral of the Emperor Ascendent, a beautiful temple to the God-Emperor's divine might that is left untouched by most of the fighting, perhaps due to the large presence of Ministorum priests and the presence of the imposing fortress that is the hive's Arbites dispatch house, from which the armored law-enforcers of the Imperium are easily able to protect the cathedral.

Of course, no trip to Castellum would be complete without a visit to the splended open air markets of Quartus hive. While there, a weary traveller may relax with nearly any item of food that their weary heart desires. Provided, of course, they can afford them. Vendors of all classes can be found here, and almost nothing cannot be bought or sold in the markets for they are too large to have a serious Arbites presence within them, and are far too unregulated by the local governance, which has much more important things to do, such as defending the world itself.

Standing Military Forces: 1 Regiment of PDF troopers with moderate training, and 1 batallion of Imperial Guard forces from Valhalla, this batallion is mechanized.

Defences: As the capital of the sector, this world is heavily defended, with orbital weapons platforms, a standing presence of a small fleet of ships from the sector's local battlefleet numbering approximately 15 ships of various sizes.

History: (History to come soon, Imperial records are currently incomplete.)

Other information: This page will be updated as the inquisition learn more about how things have changed on Castellum while isolated.
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Castellum - Nearing completion
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