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 Governor General Maximilian

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God-Emperor of Mankind

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PostSubject: Governor General Maximilian   Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:35 am

Name: Governor-General Maximilian (First name is typically omitted)

Race: Human

Age: 130 (has undergone extensive juvenat treatments as befits his station)

Gender: Male

Skin Tone: Caucasian, highly tanned

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lbs

Build: Athletic

Scars/Markings: Handlebar moustache

Physical Description:

Allegiance: The Emperor, Ultramar, and all of mankind

Rank: Lord Militant/Governor

Class: Aristocratic

Marital Status: Single

Family Status: Extended family in Ultramar sector, presumed deceased after the warp storms have cut the sector off from the rest of the imperium.

Homeworld: Macragge

Current Residence: Gubernatorial Palace on Castellum

Occupation: Lord General and Governor of the Sector

Education: Educated by private tutors back home on Macragge, Maximilian has been well schooled in all forms of warfare and is a consummate duelist, having even served along side the vaunted Ultramarines Astartes chapter against a wide variety of foes. As with most members of the imperium outside of the mechanicus cult, he is highly ignorant of machinery beyond basic operation and is very ritualistic with it's maintenance at times, and dismissive at others.

Personality: Like most of his kind, Maximilian can be wasteful when it comes to human life, but this is no surprise for that is one resource in which the Imperium of Mankind is not lacking, as such the attitude in the Imperial Guard, the attitude which has raised Maximilian, is one of wastefulness with this resource, and he is known to just send wave after wave of men to their deaths to break a stalemate. However, almost ironically, he is devoted to mankind, and willing to do whatever it takes to preserve humanity against their myriad foes, even working with Xenos at times. He is inspirational, as are all of his rank and upbringing, for one does not rise far as an officer of the Imperial Guard without at least this talent. And he is a competant, if aggressive, fighter.


A power sword, forged in Ultramar, that has been handed down amongst his family for millennia.

A gladius, given to him by a member of the Adeptus Astartes, it is impractical for unaltered human use and is kept on a mantlepiece in his residence.

A munitorum-issued lasrifle, maintained from his days as a lieutenant in the Imperial Guard, it has never failed him even once, and he considers it to be almost a lucky charm.

Munitorum-issued bolt pistol. The standard armament for an officer of his rank.

Assorted swords and weapons of various types, including volkyte manufacture.

Apparel/Armor: A suite of artificer-crafted carapace armor that has been in his family's possession supposedly from the days of the Heresy. This impressive armor allows him to retain the necessary speed for dueling and swordplay, while providing him with the necessary protection for the battlefield.

Biography: Born on Macragge, the fortress world that is the home to the Ultramarines chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, Maximillian was raised as the first son of the famous Maximillian dynasty, whose early days as Rogue Traders during the Great Crusade had granted them great wealth and respect. Eventually, they settled on Macragge, and became a prominent fixture in civillian life there as well as the local government. This of course, brought them into contact with the Astartes on many occassions. Which explains the reverence with which the family treats the gene-forged super warriors.

After a normal childhood and schooling in the many arts of warfare and diplomacy from private tutors hired by his parents, Maximillian joined the Imperial Guard as a Lieutenant from the Ultramar sector's levies. He quickly proved himself to not only be a competent leader but also an excellent fighter, known for leading from the front and being always willing to do whatever he ordered his men to do. This, of course, made him enemies within the ranks of the guard, and as he slowly worked his way up the ranks of the guard, he encountered much resistance from these enemies, overcoming them with the same finesse as he possessed on the dueling court.

Eventually, he worked his way up to being Lord Militant of the crusade to retake the Castellum sector. This was to be his last action with the guard, and upon his successful cleansing of the greenskins from the sector, he settled down to retire into the oftentimes more deadly realm of governance. Of course, he had no idea of what was to come, and when he had finally marshalled the growth of Castellum's economy to make it into the great hive world it has become, the warp storms struck, separating the sector from the Imperium as a whole, after this point, records become all but naught, and it is where our story really begins.
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Governor General Maximilian
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